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Case Battle Mod Apk Latest Version For Android

This card game pits two players against one another in a contest of legal knowledge. It is fun and interactive, providing an excellent way for students to learn more about the law. In order to win, players must argue the facts of the case based on their legal knowledge. Each player is given a case summary and must debate the facts of the case in a series of rounds. The player with the strongest argument wins each round. Upon accumulating five points, a player wins.

Case Battle Mod Apk for Android Latest version Details

File Name Case Battle Mod
Developer shadowgames
Updated on 20 April 2023
Category: Games
Rating 4.6 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

Case Battle Mod Apk For Android v5.4


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It teaches players about the law in an engaging, creative way as well as encourages them to develop their legal arguments and think critically. Case Battle is designed to be educational and engaging. With the game, players are given the opportunity to study and argue a variety of cases, helping them gain a deeper understanding of legal principles. It also encourages friendly competition and strategic thinking.

About Case Battle Mod Apk

Case Battle: Skins Simulator is a great simulation game that you should not miss. If you love leather, this is a unique opportunity to showcase your talent. Here you can both have a great time of entertainment in numerous beautiful skins and further your passion. Build your arsenal in a big way and enjoy other fun games.

Craft your weapons and gear, upgrade skins, open unique epic chests, and earn points by playing clickers and other mini-games. That’s what this addictive click-box game is all about.

Case Battle is an endless case and skin-opening simulator in which you can build your inventory by collecting many different weapons and knives with realistic skins. There are endless ways to earn money by playing fun mini-games including Minesweeper and idle clicker to try your luck at Jackpot, Wheel of Fortune or Rollbit.

A great way to sharpen your legal arguments is by playing Case Battle, a fun and interactive game about the law. It’s a great way to learn about the law and improve your legal skills. The Case Battle APK game is an exciting way to study law, whether you’re a lawyer or a legal novice. To download the latest version, visit Download Case Battle Mod APK v5.0 for free from We will now give you a detailed explanation of the Case Battle Mod APK version 5.0.

Here is a free download link for Case Battle Mod APK

The Case Battle Mod APK is the PRO version of the Case Battle APK. With this APK, you will be able to accomplish any tasks and requirements within it easily. You often need to invest a considerable amount of time or money to get rewards easily, but with Case Battle Mod APK, you can accomplish your goals quite quickly. Case Battle Mod APK is the perfect way for you to outshine your competitors. You can now download Case Battle APK v5.0 for free at You can use this process with confidence since it does not cost anything.

With, you can download Case Battle APK for free

Users can update the Case Battle APK without needing to download Google Play without downloading the Case Battle mod APK version on will update the Case Battle APK version in the fastest time.

The following features are included in the Case Battle APK 5.0 2023:

The clicker, mini-games, and unique epic cases will allow you to build up your weapons and inventory, upgrade skins, and earn points. With Case Battle, you get to collect various weapons and knives with real skins in an endless case openers and skins simulator game that is all about collecting case openers and skins.

In addition to playing fun minigames like Minesweeper and idle clicker, you can try your luck at jackpots, wheels of Fortune, or roll it to earn money. If you like idle clicker games and looking for a case opener for Android, download Case Battle for free and build up the largest collection of weapons, knives, and other genuine skins on your Android device. Play fun games, chat with other players around the world, and upgrade your inventory constantly in your endless skin-stimulating journey.

The main features of Case Battle are as follows:

  • A fresh and intuitive interface with a clean and neat design
  • Animations that are smooth and of high quality
  • Your inventory will grow as you open epic chests
  • Fresh and realistic skins for the skin simulatorī¸
  • Earn money & skins with idle clicker games on Lootcrate
  • There are a variety of mini-games to play, such as Minesweeper, wheel of Fortune, roll it, and Jackpot
  • Other players can be contacted through chat
  • Play special crash mode with your money
  • Avatars and profiles can be customized
  • Arm yourself with the latest technology
  • Play online battles with your friends

Case Battle Mod APK 5.0 download and installation guide

  1. provides Case Battle mods for download.
  2. The “Unknown Sources” setting must be enabled.
  3. Download Case Battle MOD APK from the top of the page by clicking the Download button.
  4. Download the file and save it to the downloaded folder on your device.
  5. After downloading the Case Battle file, click on it to install it.
  6. Start playing the game as soon as it has been completed.

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