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An APK file of Kraken Tv Apk is a popular application that supports Android versions 5.0 and up. You can find this application in the Entertainment category in our application store, this is the number one for the updated version v1.5.4.You will not find such a great app anywhere else. This app was developed by KrakenTV.The application can be accessed directly from any web browser. Through the link, you can get your APK with a faster download speed. This app never loses touch with our customers because it provides many useful features. You can download the app for free. If you plan on enabling the service, check that your device is compatible with unknown app sources before you do so.

Kraken Tv Apk for Android Latest version Details

File Name Kraken Tv
Current Version v1.5.4
Size 11.81 MB
Developer KrakenTV
Updated on 22 SEP 2022
Category: Apps
Rating 4.5 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

Kraken Tv Apk For Android v1.5.4


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Kraken Tv Apk will give you unlimited TV viewing and it’s totally free! You won’t be charged any extra fees and there are no hidden costs so you don’t have to worry. Since the software is designed for Android devices, you won’t have any trouble streaming on small screens. It can be used on any Android device. With this software, you can watch TV from different countries including the United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Spain, and Venezuela anytime, anywhere.

In this digital age where everything happens online, so does streaming media. Nowadays people don’t have time to go to theaters to watch movies or sit in front of the TV to watch shows or anything else. Instead, they prefer to use online websites and apps for smartphones to be able to stream anytime. There are many services like Netflix, Hotstar, Redbox TV, Hulu, Crackle, etc. that allow you to watch movies and TV shows online without downloading.

What is Kraken Tv Apk?

Kraken Tv Apk is a great phone app. You cannot have a TV or a big screen in every room. With the help of this app, you can watch TV on your smartphone. And now you can take your personal TV with you wherever you go. The app aims to present all your programs in the palm of your hand. The device works with Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks. They wanted to watch TV shows from around the world but could not because of some privacy rules. With this app, you can watch movies, videos, sports, and whatever you want with just one click. Now you can use the Kraken TV app on your Android device to watch your favorite shows or episodes.

About Kraken Tv Apk

From the comfort of your Android device, you can watch dozens of different TV channels with the Kraken TV app. Channels are available from more than a dozen countries, including the United States, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and Uruguay. Kraken TV’s ease of use sets it apart from other similar programs. No need to download other files or documents. Just download the app, then tap the station you want to watch and it will start streaming in seconds.

Tabs on the left side of the screen allow you to filter channels by country or category, for example, making it easy to identify a network or station in your country that broadcasts a particular documentary. Channels can also be marked as favorites. Enjoy channels from all major Latin American countries as well as Spain and the United States of America with the amazing Kraken TV streaming app. You have been calling for a TV app for your smartphone for a long time, You have tried many apps but none met your expectations.

You were worried but you trusted the reviews. After purchasing the app, you may be wondering if it is safe to use on your smartphone. We know that many TV apps are dangerous. However, the Kraken TV app has long been the only app that is completely virus free. It is risk-free. Kraken TV is a great app. If you’re a cable cutter and can’t get your TV shows via cable or satellite, finding great content can be difficult. With this app, you can watch your shows on your mobile. It is also safe. The app is useful for watching TV on your phone or tablet.

Why choose Kraken Tv Apk?

Live TV:

This app is required to watch free live TV. To be able to use the application, users do not need to pay or register. It is unique in that there are no streaming restrictions; All you need is a reliable internet connection that works on both data and WiFi.

Easy to use:

The best thing about this software is that it is really easy to use and does not cause any problems. You will not be asked to log in or register, so you do not need to create an account. All you have to do is download it, launch the app and start watching your show or movie whenever you have time.

Channel Filter:

It also offers various filters to help you find the channels you want to watch. Channels can be filtered by category and country. This makes it easy to find the channels you want to watch.

Add Favorites:

You can organize your favorite channels by adding them to your favorites in one place. You don’t need to search for channels because all your favorites are gathered in one place.

HD Streaming:

You can stream in full HD here, which means you don’t have to sacrifice video quality while watching your favorite shows or movies. You can also change the video quality depending on your internet connection. If you are on a fast connection, you can stream in Full HD and if you are on a slow connection, it streams in standard definition.

Features of Kraken Tv Apk:

  • Watch Live TV: One of the best reasons to download Kraken TV APK 2022 is to watch live TV for free. You don’t need to pay anything or register in the app to use it. Just download and install KrakenTV APK and start watching live TV from Android mobile and tablet devices. There are no streaming limits, which makes it stand out from the crowd.
  • Clean and User-Friendly Interface: This app has a very clean and user-friendly interface which makes it more interesting. No need to search for options as everything is available in the menu on the left. KrakenTV also has a search box available that makes it easy to find specific channels or shows. So don’t wait and download KrakenTV for free today to start watching TV on Android.
  • Worldwide Availability: Channels from 15+ countries are currently available on this app with hundreds of channels to choose from. KrakenTV is available in multiple languages, so you can always download and use the Kraken TV app no ​​matter where you are.
  • Daily Updates: If you download the full version of Kraken TV APK from below, you can unsubscribe to get daily updates about shows and newly added channels. The app lets you set reminders for upcoming shows so you can be notified before the show starts.
  • External Player Support: If you want to use this app with external media players like Chromecast, VLC Media Player for Android, and Amazon Firestick, then you need to download the latest Kraken TV for Android from below. So if you don’t have a cable connection or a bad signal on your TV, Kraken TV lets you watch your favorite shows on the big screen.

Download and install Kraken Tv Apk on Android now:

Choose “Unknown Sources” from the “Settings” menu.
It’s free to download Kraken Tv Apk for Android.
Downloaded files can be tapped once they have been downloaded.
Tap “Install” when you’re done granting permissions.


1. What is Apk?

Ans: Apk is an application file extension that ends with a dot.Apk is a mixture of apps and games which is called apk in the shortcut or simply say that the collection of apps and games is called apk.

2. What is Mod Apk?

Ans: Mod is a modified version of apk and is also called moded apk. mod apk allows you to access all the premium features like a coin, unlock All Gems, etc. in other word mod Apk provide the Advance feature of Apk.

3. Is Kraken Tv Apk For Both Android And IOS?

Ans: Yes it is for both.

4. Does provide security for your device?

Ans: This site is designed to use keeping in mind the complete security of your device, keeping it away from any kind of internal and external malware attacks, so be sure.

5. What is the reason for the Android App Permission requirement for the Kraken Tv Apk?

Ans: Applications must be able to access the devices’ systems. Any permissions required will be informed to you during installation.

Finally, a few words

We hope that you have downloaded it well easily. Our main objective is to provide you with accurate information, so we have shown all the features of the Kraken Tv Apk in this post. We hope that you like the information. Because provides the latest version of This Apk.This apk is available on Android as well as your PC.

From this page, you can download the Kraken Tv Apk Please find below some helpful information. You will clearly understand the tool after reading all the points. Having read all the points, you should have a clear understanding of the tool. We provide APKs that contain a wide range of features usually found in applications. The free version will remain active until it expires.

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