minecraft apk download v1.14.4.2

Minecraft Mod Apk v1.14.4.2 Free Download for Android

Minecraft Apk v1.14.4.2 Free Download is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang and created by Marcus Person. Since then, it has migrated to all different platforms and is recognized by the best-selling video games ever. Minecraft Pocket Edition APK is a paid Android game. Here is a game that has gone on for years. This free Minecraft Apk download pays homage to our favorite smartphone and the legendary sandbox simulator for building and survival.

Minecraft Apk v1.14.4.2 For Android Latest version Details

Current Version v1.14.4.2
Size 23+87 MB
Developer Telltale Games
Updated on 6 March 2021
Requires Android 4.0.3+

Download Minecraft Apk For Android v1.14.4.2

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Minecraft Apk v1.14.4.2 Beta is an open world with blocks in which the player can do anything: a safe haven, arrangement, fighting monsters, exploring mines, catching animals, and much more.
There are many modes in this game: survival, creativity, adventure, hardcore, and surveillance modes. In addition, you can create any world (normal, super-flat, custom, large blocks, stretched, and debug modes).A

Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition APK

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk a.k.a Minecraft Apk v1.14.4.2 Free Download Fee Download is one of the best-selling and best-selling games, and one of the highest-earning games on the Google Play Store.
  • Everyone wants to know something about their features, so we talked about all the features that are available in the Minecraft Pocket Edition mode Apk. You can check out the YouTube video on how to set up Minecraft.
  • Minecraft PE Mod gives you all premium skin and texture for free.
  • If an enemy or zombie is hit, you will not be harmed by any attack.
  • Unlimited breathing so you don’t lose breath under deep water.
  • To get the maximum inventory size and a lot of things can be placed there.
  • If you kill your enemy with a gun, your enemy will die.
  • You have a number of ovens and can use them to convert into blocks.
  • They get indestructible tools in the game and these tools can never be broken.


The Minecraft Pocket Edition was the previous title of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Minecraft PE gives you a world where players can create their own virtual realities in a sandbox environment. Players have the freedom to choose how to play the game. In the game world, there are 3D objects called blocks. Players have to take these things and create their own world. They have a list of items to keep. Players can ‘mine’ and create blocks and place them wherever they want.

Minecraft PE game has 3 modes. Each gives you a different experience. Creative mode is where you can create your world and anything you want.

Survival mode is action-based gameplay where you can create your own world and have to collect all the natural materials and build a shelter to protect against monsters and zombies. You have to find food to fight hunger. Multiplayer allows you to compete with or join other players in the same Minecraft world.

Minecraft apk v1.14.4.2 Beta is a beautiful game in which you can show your creativity by creating your own world. You can also demonstrate some technical skills in survival mode, where you can fight zombies and build shelters from natural materials. In multiplayer mode, you can connect with your friends and show your creativity. The Minecraft Pocket Edition allows busy gamers to play long games every day.

Requirements – Minecraft Pocket Edition APK

The Minecraft Pocket Edition app has some requirements in your Android. If these requirements are available on your device, you will be able to download and play this game. All requirements are listed below. For Minecraft Apk OBB you need to play this game on your Android device.

  • RAM – To play this game you will need at least 2 GB RAM. The game will also work with 1GB RAM, but we recommend a 2GB device due to 1GB issues.
  • Device Storage – We recommend that you have 4GB of free space on your device storage, as playing this game every day will require storage space to store your data.
  • Android version – Minecraft PE is available for Android 4.2V and we need at least 4.2V for the game.
  • Minecraft PE Apk – You need to download the apk file and our guide on how to run Minecraft PE in Android.



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