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Namesake App Apk Latest Version Download For Android

An APK file of Namesake App Apk is a popular application that supports Android versions 5.0 and up. You can find this application in the Social category in our application store, this is the number one for the updated version v83. You will not find such a great app anywhere else. Namesake Apostolic Church developed this app. The application can be accessed directly from any web browser. You can get your APK with a faster download speed through the link. This app never loses touch with our customers because it provides many useful features. You can download the app for free. If you plan on enabling the service, check that your device is compatible with unknown app sources before you do so.

Namesake App Apk For Android Latest version Details

File Name Namesake App
Current Version v83
Size 16 MB
Developer Namesake Apostolic Church
Updated on 05 Jan 2023
Category: Apps
Rating 4.5 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

Namesake App Apk Free Download Android v83


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Hello there! The Namesake apk is a fantastic tool for achieving your goals. It enables you to design your own avatars and give them the appearance of well-known figures. It’s simple to apply and will definitely make you seem like your favourite celebrity, superhero, or anything else you can imagine. Additionally, it’s a wonderful opportunity to express yourself and have fun. Why then wait? Create your own avatars by downloading the app right away!

Namesake App Apk is a social App that can used to make milions of AI Avatars.the main purpuse of Namesake App is used to develope creativity, skills, thinking mindset power, and artificial intelligence and more.

Download Namesake App Apk

With the namesake App, you can cast yourself as any character you can imagine. See yourself as a superhero, painting, anime character, and more. Continuously deployed and powered by the latest AI technology. A namesake can put you in any scene.

AI technology is evolving rapidly and Namesake brings you the latest in AI without coding. Just upload photos and you’re done…

Namesake App Apk is an app used by people all over the world to create their own avatars. It is developed by FunFunFun INC for Android phones and iPhones. With its help of it, you can create all your avatars and imagine yourself like a star or superhero in your imagination and fulfill your wish.

Namesake is the hottest social media app. Namesake AI APK Download for Android is easy to use, you just need to upload your photo and style it the way you like. After creating an avatar, you can also share it on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. It is a free Android app that lets you create free AI avatars.

People create their avatars and use them as profile pictures and also share them with their friends. After updating the app, get new styles and create avatars like this. It is a graphics and design application used by millions of people who export their photos everywhere.

Create stickers, funny cartoons,s and anime-like avatars from your mind. You can get your picture or your friend’s picture in any character you can imagine. Create and share funny photos and videos with your friends.

Features of Namesake App:

Why is this photo editing app so popular? Below are some useful features that you should know about this app.

Editing tools let you create stunning photos

A variety of photo editing tools are available with the Namesake app, such as: rotate, crop, saturate and desaturate, and change color. Editing and beautifying photos can be done easily with just a few clicks. In addition to artistic effects and filters, the app includes a variety of free artistic effects and filters.

Additionally, exposure, color temperature, saturation, noise reduction, lens correction, hue, and contrast can be adjusted manually.

Supports multiple beauty modes

Because the Namesake app’s beauty mode automatically edits your photos, you don’t have to worry about looking less beautiful. AI turns your photos into masterpieces with just a tap of the screen. There are many tools to help you get the best photos to share with your friends such as skin smoothing, skin whitening, and face slimming.

Simple and easy photo collage

The Namesake app allows users to create collages of their choice with different collage modes like pattern collage, free collage, and continuous collage. The app provides many advanced templates and beautiful background frames that you can use to create custom photos.

Create avatar images in different styles

Have you seen a Netflix mystery movie or a Marvel animated superhero movie? Create beautiful superhero-style art photos with the image generator app of the same name. Anime characters can also have big glowing eyes. Your choices determine the outcome.

With AI, you can edit up to ten selfies simultaneously to save time.

Share photos with everyone nearby

The Namesake app for Android makes it easy to connect with people. In the app, users can follow their friends and share their unique photos with them. Many meaningful memories are made during this time. Even your environment will be surprised and impressed with your unique photos.

Unique landscape photo editing

It analyzes and identifies specific issues related to landscape photography with the Namesake app for Android. Then a light map and landscape grid are created. Automatic lighting and color adjustments are achieved in this app through artificial intelligence analysis. Your landscape photos are more attractive than the original photos. To edit photos as fast as possible, find and download this app.

Key Features:

  • The app allows you to export your photos and share them anywhere.
  • You can share featured hero photo results on social media platforms.
  • With this application, you can convert pictures of heroes in Kharkiv and you can convert pictures into pictures of heroes and other ideas and these pictures will bring joy and happiness when you see them.
  • Once you add an image to the app, the app will automatically convert it into 40 different images and these images can be easily changed anywhere and in different places.
  • The Namecheap app for Android allows you to store and browse all your personal photos within the app.
  • You can try out new photo styles as they come out.
  • Dress up as superheroes, pirates, anime characters, etc.
  • Export and share your photos anywhere
  • Save and browse all your name photos in the app
  • Try new photo styles as they come out
  • Credit for taking more photos
  • 40 automatically generated images
  • The best thing about this app is that users can tap and browse photos anytime within the app.
  • The app offers tons of styles to try and you can easily try out new styles as they come out.
  • The application is constantly updated, so everything is partially up to date.


What is an APK?

What’s New:

  • Recently updated
  • Bugs were resolved
  • No Virus
  • A user-friendly interface is available
  • Information loads quickly
  • No rooting is required

How can one download and install the Namesake App Apk?


1:Click on the download button below to download the file.
2:By clicking on the link, you will be able to download the file.
3: As soon as you click this button, the download will begin automatically. File sizes and internet speeds may affect how long it takes.

4: Your downloads folder should contain the download file.
5:Once the file has been successfully downloaded, it must be installed.
6:You must immediately tap the “yes” button after downloading the new APK file.  
7: Click open after successful installation.
8: It is now time to allow media, photos, and files once you have opened them. You only need to tap Allow.
9: You will now see the APK interface on your device. You need to open the application.


Can you tell me if the file has any viruses? 

Answer: The Apk file does not contain any virus, so there is no problem. 

Que: Why should I download this APK? 

Answer: This app is one of the best for Android devices and fulfills all of your needs. 

Que: What is the cost of Namesake App Apk? 

Answer: This app is totally free. You can choose from a variety of options with the free software. You can download all APKs for free.  

Que: What is the best place to download Namesake App Apk? 

Answer: We believe it is “too simple”. is an excellent site for sharing apps with colleagues, friends, and family.

Finally, a few words

You can download the Namesake App Apk from this page. The following details are important to know. You will clearly understand the tool after reading all the points. The tool should be easily understandable after reading all the points. The apk we offer will be diverse and full of features found in the apk world. It is possible to use the free version until it expires even if it is about to expire.

This is a great Android and PC app that you must try. Your family and friends will appreciate it if you let them know. Please note that all versions included here are original and genuine free apps without any modifications.

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