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Outerplane Apk Latest Version For Android

Using Outerplane Apk, you can easily book hotels, flights, and rental cars, as well as manage your itinerary while on vacation. It is an innovative mobile app that makes your travel experience easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Besides finding the best deals on flights and hotels, Outerplane Apk also lets you compare prices from multiple travel websites in real time so that you never miss out on exciting deals. It also lets you get real-time updates on flight availability and hotel availability. In addition to a tracking system, it has a currency converter, and a world map showing all the airports in the world so you can keep track of your itinerary. Outerplane Apk is a convenient travel companion for anyone looking for comfort and ease when traveling.

Outerplane Apk for Android Latest version Details

File Name Outerplane
Developer Smilegate Holdings, Inc
Updated on 18 April 2023
Category: Games
Rating 4.6 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

Outerplane Apk For Android v1.0.45


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About OuterPlane Apk

An exciting RPG, OuterPlane summons you to a mysterious another world to discover the treasure of the First King, but the mission ends up going wrong, and you’re drawn into a plot filled with mystery, betrayals, and personal growth.

You can face all kinds of enemies in OuterPlane, which offers a turn-based battle experience with an anime aesthetic that may remind you of gacha games like Tower of Fantasy or Honkai Star Rail. The game requires you to create a team of characters with unique abilities so that you can defeat them. The characters have individual looks to match their personalities, as well as some very captivating animations.

This game works just like any other gacha game. You’ll need to form a team capable of facing any challenge as the story unfolds, and you’ll win battles and get characters. But OuterPlane is more than just a gacha game. OuterPlane is also a story-driven game, with Guilds, Arenas, side stories, challenges, and more. Once you reach the necessary level, you’ll also have access to these features.

In OuterPlane, you battle a variety of enemies in a turn-based strategy game. You’ll need to put together a group of individuals with specialized skills to battle them. It has an anime-like design that reminds you of games like Tower of Fantasy or Honkai Star Rail. These characters have distinct appearances that match their personalities, as well as some really captivating animations.

In OuterPlane, the action is centered around winning fights and gaining characters, and you’ll need to put together a team capable of dealing with any obstacle as the plot develops. However, OuterPlane is a lot more than that. After you reach the required level, you’ll also be able to access the Guild and the Arena, along with a number of side tales and challenges. All in all, OuterPlane is a story-driven game.

3D art that is adorable:

  • Full 3D graphics for the enhanced gaming experience
  • An immersive experience that places you at the center of the action!

Acting dynamically:

  • A never-before-seen level of action!
  • Different types of combo attacks can be created if you use different formations!

Playing strategically:

  • Experience a strategy-based battle that will test your skills!
  • Make your amazing moves the difference in the battle!

Storytelling epics:

  • There is nothing like exploring a masterpiece.
  • Enter the supernatural kingdom and begin your adventure.

The cutscene in color:

  • Characters’ skills are tested
  • Take a look at his epic battle cutscenes and let them mesmerize you!

Boss is angry:

  • You are about to receive a ‘special request’.
  • Get your rewards by defeating the annoying boss!

Other feature:

  • In addition to offering a wide range of features and options, Outerplane Apk is also highly user-friendly and innovative.
  • Using the app is intuitive and easy thanks to its clean, modern design.
  • Playlists can be created and shared, music can be searched for, and artist profiles can be accessed.
  • Aside from offline listening, the app also lets users purchase music from it.
  • To enhance the listening experience, the device also has a powerful equalizer and sound effects.
  • To ensure users don’t miss a beat, the app has a built-in sleep timer and alarm clock.
  • Music lovers everywhere will enjoy Outerplane Apk.

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