PG Sharp APK New Update v1.27.0 Free Download for Andriod

PG Sharp APK 2021 is a file for Android 5.0 And Up update version v1.27.0 is the top-ranked Free Game/Adventure category of All Apps Store. It is the latest and brand new Apps Developed by PGS TECH. it’s too easy to download and install on your smartphone or another device. you can get or download this app using any web browser with just a few clicks or taps and don’t forget to allow apps installation from an unknown source from your device setting. we always allow direct links with superhigh Download speed. we never provide broken links to our precious users please note Down we only provide the actual free and secure Apk file without Any charge on our own.

PG Sharp APK For Android Latest version Details

Current Version v1.27.0
Size 210 MB
Developer PGS TECH
Updated on 16 JUL 2021
Category Game/Adventure
Rating 4.4 stars
Requires Android 5.0+

PG Sharp APK for Android For Android v1.27.0

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What is PG Sharp Apk?

PG Sharp Apk is a modified version of Pokemon Go, which means that Pokemon Go can be played in different genres. If you want to download and play Pokemon Go, in a different style and mode. This requires a lot of apps, but PG Sharp is now available for Android and iPhone users, so you can download and play Pokemon Go in a variety of styles without having to download many apps.

It was also developed by the original developers of Pokemon Go, Neotic. The PG Sharp application has been released in beta, so the application has not been officially released yet. However, you can enjoy PG Brightness by downloading it from our website. The developers will release it soon, so grab it into your phone.


If you play a lot of games, you may have played Pokemon before. This is a franchise that is loved by many because it has created many prestigious moments today. The Pokemon series is played by millions of people today, especially Pokemon Go, the most famous.

The game provides players with an interactive experience where they can catch Pokemon in the real world. PGSharp now lets you catch Pokemon from around the world without moving.

This app is designed to solve the problem that most gamers face today. This game allows you to catch Pokemon depending on your region, so players will not be able to receive any other type of Pokemon until they move to other locations.

PGSharp solves this problem quickly as it offers a joystick that you can use to get around quickly. You can even adjust your walking speed to make the game feel like you’re moving!

Main Properties of PG Sharp APK

Anywhere and anytime:

You can play the game anytime from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Android phone, a good internet connection and this application. There is no country restriction on this application.


When we play Pokemon Go we usually have to go to different places to catch Pokemon. However, use of the joystick in the PG Sharp application will continue without taking you away.

Walking speed:

You can slow down or increase your walking speed by playing mobile games. This motion feature basically helps you to capture the Picchu very intelligently.


The teleportation feature lets you travel to the places in the world where you want to catch Pokemon. This means you can go anywhere on the map at any time without having to physically go anywhere.

Nearby radar:

Use the Nearest Radar feature to find out where the Pokémon are and how close they are. That way you can easily catch more Pikachus and stay on top of the game.

Save location:

Suddenly you have a job and you want to leave practice and go to work. However, if you don’t save the game, you’ll need to restart. So if you want, you can save the last location in the PGSharp app.

No root required:

Many people think that you need a rooted phone to use this PG Sharp. However, you do not need a rooted phone.

Main functions of PG Sharp APK

  • Embedded Fake GPS Joystick Application Fake GPS Location Installation (Embedded) We do not need to reinstall it.
  • Auto Towel Willcock (still under development, insects may appear) Running an auto towel to lay eggs in Pokemon Go is a very useful feature. This feature allows our characters to play automatically without moving the joystick. However, this function still works and continues to fail.
  • Custom and King King Speed ​​is a feature that allows us to customize our character’s walking speed while running Pokemon Go joysticks.
  • The teleport is only available by selecting a location on the map and you (teleport) can go to your desired location.

Key Features of PG Sharp APK

  • It supports a joystick.
  • It provides a fake GPS Location.
  • The teleport option is available.
  • Supports PTC accounts to us.
  • Add your favorite location or teleport.
  • It is effective and very easy to use.
  • It very simple and user-friendly app.
  • Caught Preview.
  • You can tap any location to Walk.
  • Using Map you can teleport and walk.
  • Nearby radar to catch pokemon.
  • It provides a 100 IV feed option.
  • It shows Encounter IV and Inventory IV
  • Catch the shiny pokemon with the best IV.
  • Cool Down timer.
  • Nearby Radar and Quick Sniper.


New Updates

  • New Pokedex has introduced
  • You can see 4-star perfect 100 iv pokemon
  • 3-star pokemon list
  • Shiny pokemon region wise list
  • Event pokemon list
  • Shadow pokemon list

What’s New:

  • Recently Updated.
  • Added additional information.
  • Bug Resolved.
  • Fix the previous issue.
  • Many new options.
  • Speed of app is Boosted.
  • No Malware, No Virus.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed on loading data.
  • No need to Root.

What are the Pros or Cons of downloading PG Sharp APK?


  • You can download any version of the app directly from third-party websites. Most versions of you can have application packages and you can download whatever you want.
  • Unlike the Play Store, download immediately without waiting for the verification process.
  • After you download it, the APK file will be on your computer’s memory/storage card. So you can uninstall and reinstall them as many times as you want without downloading them.


  • Your apps will not be automatically updated.
  • Downloading apps from third-party sources are not usually checked by Google.

How would I download PG Sharp APK?

  • Step 1: Download it instantly on your device by utilizing the download button given below.
  • Step2: Click on it to download a file.
  • Step 3: Now download will start automatically it will take some time (it depends on the speed of your internet or the size of files).
  • Step 4: Now the downloaded file will appear in the download folder. How would I install the APK files?
  • Step 5: Once a file is downloaded successfully, you need to install it on your device.
  • Step 6: Open the download folder; Tap that new APK file, and then tap the “yes” button to process and wait for a few seconds.
  • Step 7: After successful installation tap on the open option.
  • Step 8: After you open it, you will actually want to permit media, photos, and files. Tap on Allow.
  • Step 9: The interface of APK will appear on your device. Now use it.


A.  Install MOD APK on your android device

  • Step 1. First, download the MOD APK file from
  • Step 2. Tap on the downloaded MOD file immediately.
  • Step 3. Then tap on the ‘Install’ option.
  • Step 4. It takes some time, so stop for a few moments.
  • Step 5. After successful installation then taps on ‘Done.
  • Step 6. Very important point – do not immediately tap on ‘Open’ after installation, because now we have to install its OBB file. So that we can use the full features of this APK.


  • Step 1. Download the OBB file (.zip format).
  • Step 2. Tap the downloaded file (which is in your phone storage or SD card).
  • Step 3. Extractor opens the zip file. Now it will extract all the supporting files. Now it creates a separate folder.
  • Step 4. Now save this folder in the internal storage area of your smartphone.
  • Step 5. After these several steps, you can open the app and utilize it.


Que: Is PG Sharp APK 2021  is free?
Ans: Yes, it is free software with unlimited options. You will get all APK completely free.

Que: How to download PG Sharp APK 2021 for android from
Ans: This is too simple. Download this amazing app from and share your experience with your family, relatives, and friends, or among your buddies.

Que: What is the use of this APK?
Ans: This is one of the greatest apps obtainable for android.

Que: What is APK?
Ans: APK (Android Application Package) is a form of package file used in the Android operating system. APK is an abbreviation for Android. It is a compressed zip file containing a file that compiles an Android application.

Que: Is this site is safe to download this and other Apk files?
Ans: Yes, this site is totally safe to download other app files

Que: Is there any bug in-app the file?
Ans: No, there is no bug in the Apk file.

Que: What is MOD APK or MODED APK?
Ans: The term ‘MOD APK’ means modified and improved APK. These types of apps are updated or modified from the original APK versions. In the MOD version, you can get a maximum tool and its benefits.

Que: What is OBB File?
Ans: OBB stands for Opaque Binary Blob. It is a supporting file. It is a file that is Mandatory to install with some APK files. Many Game or Utility app developers are using this OBB file as the data file format.

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Final Conclusion:

Hello users! We hope that you have successfully downloaded and installed the Apk file on your device and our web articles were beneficial for you. Here we are talking about the PG Sharp APK 2021 that you recently downloaded by reading and understanding its great features, services, and all the information. You can remember this site for its best-downloading services and suggest to your friends and family good downloading services on this website.

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