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Pocket City 2 Apk Latest Version Download For Android

A virtual city can be built and managed using Pocket City 2 Apk for Android. There are many new features and content in this sequel to Pocket City. Building roads, houses, businesses, and other structures will be possible in Pocket City 2. Besides adding decorations, parks, and other amenities to their city, they can also add amenities to their city. Taxes, resources, and public services can also be controlled by players. The game also features a variety of challenging and fun scenarios, including dealing with natural disasters as well as human-caused disasters. You can relax and build your dream city with Pocket City 2’s vibrant graphics and intuitive controls.

Pocket City 2 Apk for Android Latest version Details

File Name Pocket City 2
Developer Codebrew Games
Updated on 12 April 2023
Category: Games
Rating 4.5 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

Pocket City 2 Apk For Android v1.003


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You will be able to build your own city in Pocket City 2 APK by managing the budget, solving traffic congestion, environmental pollution, building public works, and meeting residents’ needs. This 3D sequel to Pocket City lets you explore and build! Create a map by adding roads, zones, landmarks, and special buildings. Drop your avatar into the world and explore at your leisure. Own a home, host events, survive disasters, and become a successful mayor!

Neither microtransactions nor long wait times are required to unlock items and rewards!

About Pocket City 2 APK

Codebrew Games developed and published Pocket City 2 for Android and iOS mobile devices running the Android and iOS operating systems. Featuring many new features, Pocket City 2 is the sequel to the original.

A player plays the role of a mayor tasked with building and managing a city. Budgets will need to be managed, traffic congestion and pollution problems will need to be eliminated, public works and infrastructure will need to be built, and residents will need to be served.

Pocket City 2 features a variety of new features including city performance evaluations, land regulation customizations, custom property design and more. Codebrew Games came out with Pocket City 2 in July 2021. Originally released on mobile devices, Pocket City is the sequel to a popular city building game.

Pocket City 2 allows players to become mayors of cities and manage them. Budgets will have to be managed, traffic congestion and environmental pollution will have to be addressed, infrastructure will need to be built, and residents’ needs will have to be met. Aside from city performance evaluation and land regulation customization, players in the game will also be able to design their own properties.

How the game works:

Mobile devices such as iOS and Android can be used to play Pocket City 2. The game involves building and managing your own cities in a simulation. Gameplay is explained in this guide.

To begin playing, you must download the Pocket City 2 app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The game will prompt you to register once you’ve downloaded it. The main game screen will appear after you create an account.

Map, population, treasury, and store are the four main sections on the main screen. Various structures can be built on the map, such as parks, factories, and commercial buildings. There are two tabs in your city: the population and the Treasury. Building and managing your city is easier when you use the store tab.

Pocket City 2 aims to produce the largest possible population in a thriving city. The most effective way to attract citizens to your city is to build various structures, such as parks and factories. Managing resources and funds will also be crucial to the smooth operation of your city.

In addition to earning rewards such as coins and gems, you can also complete various tasks and missions. Your city will become bigger and better as you unlock new buildings and technologies.

Features of Pocket City 2 Game APK

  • Android and iOS users can play Pocket City 2 APK to build a city. Following the success of Pocket City in 2018, this is the sequel. In addition to offering a lot of features, this is a premium game.
  • To make the city feel more alive, the game includes a variety of buildings, characters, and items. City and citizen appearance can be customized to suit the player’s tastes. As well as managing resources, taxes, and more, the game has a deep economic system.
  • Various weather effects are also included in the game, including rain, snow, fog, and wind. As a result of these weather effects, players may have difficulty progressing through the game.
  • As well as fires and floods, Pocket City 2 features alien invasions and robberies. 
  • Fishing and farming are also available as activities in the game to keep citizens occupied. As you progress in the game, you will receive rewards for completing quests.
  • Besides offering a single-player mode, Pocket City 2 also offers a multiplayer mode. There is also the possibility of trading resources and visiting one another’s cities.
  • Despite the many features Pocket City 2 APK offers, it is a great simulation game with many features. You can deal with many disasters, and it has a great economic system. Multiplayer is also offered, as are a variety of quests and activities.

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