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VK Streaming Apk Latest Version Download For Android

VK Streaming Apk-Hello there! In this digital streaming world, everyone wants to create, post, connect, and stream different types of amazing digital content, like videos, photos, memes, and lots of other fun and extremely entertaining posts. So this app vk stream is designed specifically for you and offers unparalleled convenience for sharing posts, connecting with friends, and enjoying your following. Influence people and the world with your magic.

VK Streaming Apk for Android Latest version Details

File Name VK Streaming
Developer VK Stream dev
Updated on 10 Feb 2023
Category: Apps
Rating 4.5 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

VK Streaming Apk For Android v3.0.4


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About VK Streaming Apk

Similar to Facebook, Vkontakte (VK) is a popular Russian social media platform. Users can stream video content live to their followers and friends via VK’s built-in streaming feature. It is possible to stream live events, performances, tutorials, and other types of content in real time with this feature. Content creators can also record and save streams for future viewing, making it a versatile tool.

A VK account and a logged-in account are required in order to start a live stream on VK. To start broadcasting, go to the “Streams” section and click the “Start a Stream” button. From there, you can choose your camera and microphone settings, add a description, and broadcast. Watching and interacting with you in real-time through the chat feature will allow your followers and friends to receive notifications about your stream.


Here are the steps to use VK streaming:

  1. If you don’t already have a VK account, you will need to create one.
  2. A VK app is available for download in the app store.
  3. Click the video camera icon in the top right corner of your VK account to start streaming once you’ve logged in.
  4. The settings include choosing video quality, adjusting the volume, and turning on the microphone.
  5. Press the ‘Start’ button when you’re ready to begin your live stream.
  6. Followers can watch your live stream in real-time by sharing the link.
  7. After you’ve finished watching, press the ‘Stop’ button to save the video for future viewing.


  • Users can live stream video content through VKontakte (VK), a social media platform.
  • VK streaming has the following key features:
  • You can access VK streaming directly from your profile and it is very easy to use.
  • Users can stream live video content in real-time using VK streaming, which offers real-time streaming capabilities.
  • Streaming videos in Full HD quality is supported by VK streaming.
  • A wide variety of other services, including YouTube and Twitch, can be integrated with VK streaming to enhance audience engagement and reach.
  • The streaming service is available on a variety of platforms, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets.
  • Users can engage in live chat with their audience and interact with them in real time with VK streaming’s live chat feature.
  • Users can schedule their VK streaming streams in advance and promote their content to a broader audience with scheduling capabilities.
  • User engagement and performance metrics can be tracked with VK streaming’s detailed analytics and reporting.
  • Via advertisements and sponsored content, VK streaming offers monetization opportunities for users.
  • A variety of privacy settings are available for VK streaming, so users are able to control who is allowed to view their streams and who has access to their content.

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